Who we work with

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Business Owners / Agribusiness

We have experience helping Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Agri businesses improve their competitiveness and hedge their energy risk.

There is now, more than ever before, a strong financial argument for investing in some combination of solar, storage, efficiency and energy saving devices to improve business profitability, competitiveness and ultimately, enterprise value. Advancements in solar technologies and energy systems have reached a point where the ROI for an investment in these systems is more than compelling in most scenarios.


Professional property investors/Property Funds:

We work with landlords to deliver a energy management and generation solution that meets a wide range of objectives.

Increasing rent and property value:

Attract and retain Blue Chip tenants

Landlords looking to attract and retain blue chip tenants, such as publicly listed companies, understand that many of these companies have formal sustainability and emissions reduction goals and that by providing turn-key solar power and energy efficiency solutions can help secure and retain highly sought-after tenants.

Reducing energy cost, increasing asset performance and valuations

Creation of “behind the meter” solar power retailing opportunities