• Save You Money – Help reduce and hedge the impact of rising energy costs
  • Understand your needs – by analysing your energy profile, studying load data and designing solutions to achieve greater synchronisation across your unique electrical systems.
  • Look outside the square – not all sites are the same and our tool kit is not limited to solar.
  • Attention to detail and accountability – We are determined to deliver extraordinary value from every project we undertake. We take ownership of every detail of your experience, end to end.
  • Quality equipment – Proven Energy Management uses industry leading technology, high quality components and installation systems,ensuring greater system performance and serviceability across the full life cycle of the asset. You just can’t afford to be installing cheap junk on your roof
Designing, installing and monitoring solar pv systems

Solar PV

We design, install and monitor solar pv systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We focus on delivering systems that will provide outstanding ROI for the complete lifecycle of the system.

Power Factor Correction

Electrical systems with lower power factor result in greater current draw from the energy grid. This will often hit the commercial customers hip pocket in the form of higher kWh consumption charges and increased network ‘peak load’ charges. Implementing Power factor Corrections solution is often the single highest ROI intervention you can make within your unique electrical system.

Batteries – Residential / Industrial

Proven Energy Management can design and implement a battery solution to assist you to time-shift your solar energy generation and achieve greater energy independence.

Metering, consumption and load management

Advancements in technology and communications make it possible for asset managers to monitor and manage electrical systems remotely at the meter, sub meter or individual appliance level. Proven Energy Management can assist you with ‘state of the art’ energy management, metering and sub metering solutions.

Our process

  • Discuss your needs and expectations
  • Review your current energy consumption and billing information
  • Collect additional load data readings from electrical systems to ensure full understanding is developed
  • Review what factors, apart from total consumption, could be effecting your power bill i.e. network charges, power factor.
  • Design an energy management solution that makes sense. This may include energy savings initiatives, power factor correction, solar generation and battery storage.
  • Handle all applications to regulatory bodies, engineering etc
  • Install, commission, monitor and provide after installation support for all solutions.