Randall Martin was among the very first contractors in Australia to use SolarEdge products, long before SolarEdge had the corporate presence and position in the market it enjoys today. Randall identified the strengths of the SolarEdge solution and has been installing SolarEdge, almost exclusively, ever since.

While SolarEdge has always been a market leader in optimised solar pv solutions, it is now a more competitive solution than ever before, offering all of the valuable features detailed below and more:

Added Yields – We generally observe a 1.5-2.5% yield benefit from mismatch power loses alone.

Warranty – 12yrs on all SE inverters and 25yrs on the optimisers. Cost effective warranty extension for 20 years ~1.5c/w

Safety – When the system is turned off or offline the optimisers limit output of each panel to just 1V making the roof safe.

Design flexibility – Fully optimise the roof space by placing panels where it makes sense for the customer (e.g. when the power is being used) or to simply distance from competitors that are offering traditional string inverters and are therefore limited on design.

Monitoring – highlight the benefits of a panel level control and give this free access to customers. The monitoring portal and user interface is quite advanced now and customers now have live visibility where other systems can’t.

When using SolarEdge, string length can be significantly longer, up to 45 panels on 3 phase meaning reduced DC return cables, no fusing, reduced combiner boxes and less DC isolators. On a 100kW site this equates to up to 3c/W or more, reducing the effective solution cost of the system.

We can also estimate the additional revenue possible from a SolarEdge solution compared to a traditional string system. PVSyst and PVsol allow 2% extra yield for panel level mismatch in year one. This can equate to 6c/W added value annually depending on the average electricity rate and location.