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Based in Brisbane, PEM helps people and businesses all over Australia to reduce the impact of rising energy costs

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What We Do

  • Reduce impact of rising energy costs
  • Analyse energy profile and load data to design solar, power factor, battery and load management/metering solutions matched to each unique electrical system
  • Save you money! By helping you reduce and hedge the impact of rising energy costs we can reduce your costs
  • Look outside the square – we understand not all sites are the same and our tool kit is not limited to solar

Reduce Energy Costs

Help reduce and hedge the impact of rising energy costs by giving you a full solution to your power needs.

Solar Installations & Solutions

Assist you with ‘state of the art’ energy management, metering and sub metering solutions.

Quality Equipment

Industry leading technology, high quality components and installation systems that work for you and your business.

We have experience helping Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Agri businesses improve their competitiveness and hedge their energy risk.

Agribusiness Solar & Energy Solutions

Proven Energy Management has experience installing and maintaining solar solutions for various agribusiness sites

Commercial Solar & Energy Solutions

Proven Energy Management has over 10 years designing and installing solar and energy management solutions for commercial businesses.


Adam Bright


Proven Energy Management installed solar on our 2 Bowen Hills properties. The savings we are seeing have been even more impressive that Randall projected, putting us on track for pay back in under 3 years.

Nick Parr


Proven Energy Management installed a 5kW SolarEdge system at our home and we became convinced that we needed to look at what these systems could do for our business. Since then, Proven Energy Management have installed 30 and 165kW solar pv systems and power factor correction at our commercial and retail properties with great results. Randall and his team are continuing to work with us to expand the solar generation capacity and cost savings across our property portfolio. I’d recommend Proven Energy Management to anyone looking to take greater control of their energy costs in the commercial/retail environment.A little description about this person will show up here.

Michael Gavin


Proven Energy Management installed a SolarEdge 10kW system at our home over 6 years ago that has outperformed all expectations. We’ve been extremely happy with the cost savings on our energy bills and the professional service of Proven Energy Management, so much so that we’ve installed 3 more solar pv systems across our property portfolio and have plans for another 2 for this year. .

Who can PEM help?

Proven Energy Management works with a diverse range of commercial and industrial energy users to reduce their energy costs.  These include retail property funds, intensive agribusiness, manufacturing, retailers, food processors, island communities.

Where does PEM operate?

PEM’s Head Office can be found in Brisbane but we offer solutions throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands

How can PEM help reduce energy costs?

PEM uses a facts-based approach to establish the best management plan for the individual client. Whether it is through solar, Power Factor Correction, Variable Speed Drives, Hybrid Energy Systems or simply helping the client understand their usage so they can better manage it.

What solution do we deliver?

PEM offers a complete solution to your commercial energy needs. We can install, manage and maintain a range of solutions including:

  • Solar
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Energy Audits

How can PEM help support agribusiness properties?

PEM cares about their clients, we always research the individuals needs to ensure that we come up with a proven solution, based on the clients unique needs. We don’t categorise a client based on market segments and instead, look at what their needs are, and tailor a solution to achieve a optimal result.

Can we install batteries?

PEM does design and install battery energy storage solutions.  Typically these can be commercially viable in remote off-grid locations or where electricity costs are particularly high. We can assist to determine if a battery ESS is the right approach for you and provide a complete package to get you up and running efficiently.

What is power factor correction and how can we help?

Power Factor is created by inductive loads (motors, Transformers, HID and fluorescent lighting), these loads create a lagging effect which puts more strain on the grid. This results in higher network demand charges for large energy customers.  For large customers with poor  Power Factor, PEM can install an intelligent Power Factor Correction unit to dramatically improve Power Factor and reduce network charges.

What electrical licenses and accreditation’s do we hold?

PEM is fully licensed to install, manage and maintain all your energy needs. We hold the following licenses:

  • CEC Accredited Solar Installers
  • CEC Accredited Battery Installers 
  • CEC approved Retailer
  • Electrical Contractors Licences
  • Multiple Electrical Licences